June Weather In Charleston, SC

Pink flowers and the pineapple fountain in Charleston, SC's waterfront park.

June in Charleston is very hot and often oppressively humid, with average highs in the upper 80s. The hottest days can reach 100 degrees.

At Charleston’s beaches, the high temperatures are mitigated a little by ocean breezes and the possibility of cooling off in the water. Elsewhere, it is best to schedule more active sightseeing for the earlier parts of the day, before the worst of the afternoon heat. Air-conditioned indoor attractions such as museums are an ideal alternative when the temperatures are at their highest.

Although June can bring a few days that are merely very warm, for the most part you should plan to pack clothing appropriate for hot and sticky weather, with light, loose-fitting fabrics in paler colors. Bring an umbrella for rainy spells, insect repellent for visits to natural sites, and high-factor sunscreen as well.

June marks the beginning of the hurricane season, and it is possible for visits this month to be disrupted by stormy weather. Consider taking out appropriate insurance if you will be booking your travel in advance. In the event of a hurricane, follow all local advice, and be ready to evacuate if necessary.

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Temperature & Humidity


The daily maximum temperature in Charleston in June averages 88°F (31°C), with the lowest daily highs usually being around 75-82°F (24-28°C), up to around 95-99°F (35-37°C) on the hottest days. In an average year, you can expect the temperature to exceed 90°F (32°C) on a third to two thirds of days each month, and to stay below 85°F (30°C) on around 5-10 days.

In the morning, temperatures are around 70-85°F (21-30°C). Evening temperatures are often a few degrees cooler, falling to a low of around 65-75°F (18-24°C) overnight.


The weather generally feels extremely humid in June, during both day and night.

Sea Temperature

Surface water temperature in June at the beaches near Charleston is around 77-81°F (24-28°C), ideal for swimming and watersports.

Sunshine, Clouds & Rain

The average June in Charleston has 9 or so hours of sunshine each day. Rainfall for the month totals an average of 5.7 inches, with rain occurring on an average of 12 days.

June in Charleston is a mostly sunny month. Around a third of days in the average June are clear or mostly so, with the majority of the remaining days offering sunny weather interspersed with cloudy periods, sometimes with late afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms. Only a few days in the average June are predominantly overcast.

The average UV index in Charleston in June is 10.

Wind speeds average 8-9mph, with an occasional mostly calm day, and 2 or 3 days on average where wind speeds may reach around 15mph or higher.

Daylight Hours


In June, the sun rises at around 6:10am at the beginning of the month and at 6:15am at the end of the month. It begins to get light in the morning at around 5:45am.


The sun sets at around 8:25pm at the start of the month, and at around 8:30pm by its end. It should be dark by around 8:50pm at the beginning of the month, and by 9pm at its end.

Day Length

The amount of full daylight in June averages around 14 hours and 20 minutes per day, plus an additional 25-35 minutes of low light at both the beginning and end of the day.